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'Reposition : Solo Exhibition / 2021.03.02 - 04.30

Sponser : Cabinet Club House
Location : Seoul, South Korea, Desker Design Store
photo : Taemin Ha

“For me, the industrial sites and materials are natural. They are very closely related and exist in our lives.But sometimes it's too close to see. They exist somewhere to perform their assigned roles and functions just like workers doing painful work. It's just that our eyes don't stay on them. I feel compassion and solidarity. So I did "Reposition" them directly into our daily lives with new styles and values. I look forward to seeing them blend into a new and familiar look in our daily lives.”

210309_원서_데스커전시_24_0001_전경 1.jpg
210309_원서_데스커전시_4_0005_레이어 1.jpg
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