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​〈붉으락 푸르락〉

Pale and Red

세로_0003s_0001_붉으락 푸르락 1-4.jpg
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세로_0003s_0008_붉으락 푸르락 1-3.jpg

〈붉으락 푸르락〉 Pale and red / 2023 / Copper, Copper pipe, Leather / 141 x 50 x 50 cm

세로_0003s_0005_붉으락 푸르락 2-4.jpg
세로_0003s_0002_붉으락 푸르락 2-1.jpg
세로_0003s_0003_붉으락 푸르락 2-2.jpg
세로_0003s_0004_붉으락 푸르락 2-3.jpg
세로_0003s_0000_붉으락 푸르락 3.jpg
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