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AS SEEN BY : Collaboration with 'Rimowa'  / 2022.04.14 - 04.17

Curated by : Rimowa 
Location : Seoul, South Korea, LAYER 26 (41, Achasan-ro, 11ga-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul)
photo : Oneseo Choi

“As Seen By,” an exhibition of original artworks curated by RIMOWA in partnership with The Community.Since its first aluminium suitcase debuted in 1937, RIMOWA has become synonymous with the strikingly minimalist metal. Now, this legacy is celebrated
with “As Seen By,” an exhibition of artworks curated by RIMOWA in partnership with The Community. Launched long before the pandemic as a way to champion the work of artists around the world, RIMOWA’s “As Seen By” series took on new meaning after
the first lockdown. With travel paused, it offered an exciting opportunity for RIMOWA to curate a series borne instead out of the raw materials used to craft its suitcases. The resulting exhibition gives an elevated perspective to RIMOWA’s most iconic materials. A diverse collection of young talents – from contemporary artists and creative studios to industrial and furniture designers – were selected by RIMOWA for their craftsmanship capabilities and unique creative expression. After being given materials that included grooved aluminium sheets and spare parts, each artist had carte blanche to create anything.

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